Empowerment Checklist

Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

Here are eight words, which conveniently all start with a “t”, to use as a checklist for determining how to empower or motivate someone. Simply identify the person you would like to empower and then ask the eight questions to determine what kind of empowerment would be the most effective.

TARGET – Does he or she understand and accept the purpose or goal?

TOOLS – Does he or she have the tools, or information needed to do the job?

TRAINING – Has there been enough training in how to use the tools well?

TIME – Have they had enough time for the training to take effect?

TRUTH – Does he or she know how all of this fits together?

TRACKING – Am I providing the feedback needed for them to stay on track?

TOUCH – Is there enough support and encouragement? (the human touch)

TRUST – Do I trust them appropriately for their skill and mastery level?
When you identify which “t” is missing, you will know where to intervene to get the person started again. Carry this list on a card in your briefcase and use it often. Let me know how it works for you.


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